Jarravale Alpaca Farm


Sometimes, when we find something really great, we wonder why it took us so long to find it. Jarravale Alpaca Stud (and not forgetting those miniature animals) is one of those places.

The farm located in the Pioneer Valley is less than 5 minutes from Marian Town Centre, about 25 mins from Mackay City. We were met by farm owner Josie, who came to greet us after giving Peppa Pig (I know!) a stern talking to for getting into mischief.




There’s no better place to take young families to enjoy the sights, smells and personalities of these gorgeous mini creatures. The farm tour is spot on, a well-paced and enjoyable 2 hours, filled with heaps of interaction, learning and photo opportunities.


We took Baby Leo, who’s now 8 months old and he LOVED it! Fascinated by Destiny the pig and Latte the lama, it was so much fun watching him take it all in, as well as the older kids in our group, who managed to get to the end of the tour with all ten fingers intact!

IMG_6705  IMG_6617

Make sure to take cash to pick up some delicious farm eggs – Josie has a little shop with plenty of Alpaca themed gifts, snacks and drinks. We’d even recommend taking a picnic to enjoy on the property at the end of the tour.

You can find out more and contact the farm here. When you visit, we’d love to see your pics and hear your stories on our facebook page here.

…Dammit, nowhere to leave ‘alpaca ma bags’… Just gonna leave it there…